Brand of SHU JEI



Good Tea, Good Life !!! this is what we believe when we introduce HOCHA.When we say Good Tea, it means we offer the BEST tea blended with creamy Milk and served with Yummy Black pearls.This will surely give a complete and unforgetable experience of each Customer.Other series such as Galaxy or Butterfly Tea Flower series,Premium layered Series and our Best Selling Cream Cheese Series are becoming more popular in the Market now.Hocha is committed to launch interesting variants every season to continuously satisfy our Loyal Customers.Indeed, HO CHA is Good Tea that Leads to Good Life!


Soy gelato was created to offer a unique and differentiated dessert that people would love. It is a fusion of 2 most popular desserts in the Philippines, Soy/Taho pannacotta served with flavorful Soft served ice ceam and topped with different sweets to make it more exciting to eat.This is a Dessert Product that people from all walks of life can afford to buy and enjoy as sweet endings.