About Allen's Blend

SHU JEI company was established in 2008, that started from selling of raw materials, to foundry and food preparation. In recent years, a Taiwanese-flavored hand-drink brand “Ho Cha”has been established in the Philippines, and an ice cream and bean curd brand SOYGELATO operated in schools and Shopping malls around the Philippines.

Allen’s blend is the core brand of SHUJEI company. It has bottled and bagged beverages ,that people can choose from. Currently, its main focus is to promote Cultured milk beverages with different Flavors, Pearl milk tea beverages variants, premium quality Oil-cut green tea in tea bags , as well as Health and beauty portable beverages such as Lychee collagen shot & Gluta C Jelly…etc, the products are developed towards diversification. SHUJEI refers to presenting satisfaction,beauty and healthy effects of each item.

Unique, variety, specialty and premium taste with quality are the products that we wanted to offer in the market. Limitless opportunity to develop products that would cater to different needs of the people is our vision that we can only be achieved by continuous research and deep analysis on potential market needs.